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  1. Version 6.4.3
  2. Version 6.4 HotFix 2
  3. Version 6.4 HotFix 1
  4. Version 6.4
  5. Version 6.3
  6. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 2
  7. Version 6.2 Hot Fix 1
  8. Version 6.2
  9. Version 6.1.1
  10. Version 6.1

Integrated Validation

Integrated Validation

When you retire an application to the Data Vault, you can enable integrated validation to ensure the integrity of the retired data. Integrated validation helps you to identify data that might have been deleted, truncated, or otherwise changed during the retirement process.
Before you retire the application, the validation process calculates a row and checksum value for each row and column in the retirement entity. After the retirement job copies the tables to the Data Vault, it calculates a second checksum value for each row and table that has been copied to the Data Vault. The validation process then compares the original checksum values to the checksum values calculated within the Data Vault.
You can review any deviations between the two checksum values. You can also generate a validation report to review the details of the deviations.

Updated July 03, 2018