Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Test Data Management
  3. Test Data Manager
  4. Projects
  5. Policies
  6. Data Discovery
  7. Data Subset
  8. Data Masking
  9. Data Masking Techniques and Parameters
  10. Data Generation
  11. Data Generation Techniques and Parameters
  12. Working with Test Data Warehouse
  13. Analyzing Test Data with Data Coverage
  14. Plans and Workflows
  15. Monitor
  16. Reports
  17. ilmcmd
  18. tdwcmd
  19. tdwquery
  20. Data Type Reference
  21. Data Type Reference for Test Data Warehouse
  22. Data Type Reference for Hadoop
  23. Glossary

Configure Parent Child Ratio

Configure Parent Child Ratio

You can select a relationship in an entity and configure the number of child records that you want to generate for each parent record.
In an entity map, you can click a link to edit the constraint between the tables. To generate test data, you can specify the minimum and maximum number of child records for the selected relationship link. When you run a plan, TDM prioritizes the configuration of the child records in the following order: the individual relationship level, the plan level, and the global preferences level.

Configure Parent Child Ratio Example

You want to generate employee details for each department. If you configure the parent child ratio, you can choose to generate 100 to 200 employees for each department, and 1 to 3 employee addresses for each employee. You must select the links individually and configure the minimum and maximum number of child records.
The following image shows a sample entity map with the DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE tables:
The image shows the entity map view of the DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE tables.