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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Version 10.4.1
  3. Part 2: Version 10.4.0
  4. Part 3: Version 10.2.2
  5. Part 4: Version 10.2.1
  6. Part 5: Version 10.2
  7. Part 6: Version 10.1.1
  8. Part 7: Version 10.1

Hiding Resources in the Summary View

Hiding Resources in the Summary View

Effective in version 10.1, you can prevent a resource and its child objects from being displayed in the summary view of data lineage diagrams. To hide a resource, enable the
Hide in Summary Lineage
option on the
page of the resource configuration properties. This option is available for all resource types. It is disabled by default.
You can hide objects such as staging databases from data lineage diagrams. If you want to view the hidden objects, you can switch from the summary view to the detail view through the task bar.
For more information about the summary view of data lineage diagrams, see the "Working with Data Lineage" chapter in the
Informatica 10.1 Metadata Manager User Guide


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