Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to TDM Administration
  3. User and Role Administration
  4. Security Administration
  5. System Preferences
  6. TDM Server Administration
  7. Connections
  8. Pass Phrases
  9. Global Parameters
  10. Dictionaries
  11. User-Defined Datatypes

Administrator Guide

Administrator Guide

Informatica Privileges

Informatica Privileges

The Informatica administrator assigns PowerCenter Repository Service privileges to users that need to perform subset, masking, and generation operations. All users need the domain privilege to change passwords. Users do not need domain privileges to perform profiling operations.
If the server is on a non EN locale, you require permission on the PowerCenter Repository Service in addition to service privileges. You require this permission to upload mappings in a workflow. Assign permission from the
tab on the Administrator tool.

PowerCenter Repository Service Privileges to Perform Subset, Masking, and Generation Operations

The following table lists the PowerCenter Repository Service privileges that users need to perform data subset, data masking, and data generation operations:
Privilege Group
Runtime Objects
Create, Edit, and Delete
Access Designer
Access Repository Manager
Access Workflow Manager
Access Workflow Monitor
Design Objects
Create, Edit, and Delete
Sources and Targets
Create, Edit, and Delete
Create, Copy, and Manage Versions
Global Objects
Create Connections
Manage Deployment Groups
Execute Deployment groups
Create Labels
Create Queries

PowerCenter Repository Service Administrator Role to Generate and Run Workflows

To generate and run workflows, users must have the system-defined role
on the PowerCenter Repository Service in addition to the required TDM privileges.

Privilege to Change Passwords

Test Data Manager users need the domain privilege, Access Informatica Administrator, to change their passwords in the Administrator tool.


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