Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Test Data Management
  3. Test Data Manager
  4. Projects
  5. Policies
  6. Data Discovery
  7. Data Subset
  8. Data Masking
  9. Data Masking Techniques and Parameters
  10. Data Generation
  11. Data Generation Techniques and Parameters
  12. Data Sets
  13. Plans and Workflows
  14. Monitor
  15. Reports
  16. ilmcmd
  17. tdwcmd
  18. tdwquery
  19. Data Type Reference
  20. Data Type Reference for Test Data Warehouse
  21. Data Type Reference for Hadoop
  22. Glossary



You can register a test data warehouse to perform the test data warehouse operations. If you did not select Enable Test Data Warehouse from the Administrator tool, you can provide the URL to register test data warehouse from the command line.
The register command uses the following syntax:
ilmcmd [options] <-RegisterTestDataWarehouse | -rtdw> [-tdwUrl | -tu]
[-Verbose | -v] [-Help | -h]
The following table describes the register command options and arguments:
The test data warehouse server that you register to perform the test data warehouse operations.
The URL for the test data warehouse.
Optional. Verbose output. Displays more than the minimum information about the object.
Optional. Displays or prints the help options.

Register Example

The following sample command registers the test data warehouse server URL:
ilmcmd -rtdw -tu