Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to the Informatica Connector Toolkit
  3. Installing and Upgrading the Informatica Connector Toolkit
  4. Building an Adapter
  5. Connection Attributes
  6. Type System
  7. Metadata Objects
  8. Partitioning Capability
  9. Run-time Behavior
  10. Adapter Example: Instagram
  11. Adapter Example: MySQL
  12. Adapter Example: YouTube
  13. Metadata Models
  14. ASO Model
  15. Adapter Project Migration

Informatica Connector Toolkit Developer Guide

Informatica Connector Toolkit Developer Guide

Building the Sample Adapter

You can use the sample adapter source code to develop an adapter for a data source. Import the sample adapter project in to the Eclipse IDE and use the Informatica Connector Toolkit to publish or deploy the sample adapter.
To use the sample source code and develop an adapter, perform the following tasks:
  1. From the Eclipse IDE, click
    . The
    dialog box appears.
  2. Select
    Existing Projects into Workspace
    and then click
    . The
    Import Projects
    page appears.
  3. Select
    Select root directory
    and browse to the directory of the sample adapter that you want to import into Eclipse.
  4. Click
    The sample adapter project appears in the package explorer.
  5. Change to the
    Informatica Connector
  6. Edit the connection, types system, metadata, and run-time components, if required.
  7. Publish the sample adapter or deploy the sample adapter on local Informatica services and client.
For more information, see the
Sample Adapter Readme

Updated January 22, 2019