Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Connector Toolkit
  3. Installing and Upgrading the Informatica Connector Toolkit
  4. Creating an Adapter
  5. Publishing and Installing an Adapter
  6. Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions

Informatica Connector Toolkit Getting Started Guide

Informatica Connector Toolkit Getting Started Guide

Creating an Adapter Overview

Creating an Adapter Overview

In this lesson, you create an adapter that enables the Data Integration Service to read data from and write data to MySQL.

Lesson Concepts

You can use the
Informatica Connector Toolkit
Eclipse plug-in to build an adapter to provide connectivity between a data source and the Informatica platform.
Create an Informatica connector project for each adapter that you want to build. For each project, you can use the
Informatica Connector Toolkit
Eclipse plug-in to generate the connection, metadata, type system, and run-time java source code.
After you create the project, you define the connection. When you define the connection, you configure the connection attributes, the connection behavior, and add libraries required by the connection to the project. Then, define the type system to configure the adapter data types and how they map to the data types supported by the Informatica platform. Then, define the native metadata definition to configure the adapter metadata required for the data source operation that you want to implement. Finally, define the run-time interfaces. When you define the run-time interfaces, you add run-time libraries to the project and configure how the adapter performs each data source operation. You can also test and debug the adapter connection, metadata, and run-time components.

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, you complete the following tasks:
  • Create a project for the MySQL adapter.
  • Define the connection attributes for the MySQL adapter and test the adapter connection components.
  • Define the type system for the MySQL data types.
  • Define a native metadata definition for the MySQL adapter to read and write data.
  • Define run-time interfaces to configure how the MySQL adapter performs read and write operations.
  • Test the read capability and write capability of the adapter.

Lesson Prerequisites

Before you start this lesson, complete the following prerequisite:

Lesson Timing

Set aside 30 minutes to complete this lesson.