Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introducing Cloud B2B Gateway
  3. Gateway Administration
  4. EDI X12 and EDIFACT Messages
  5. Custom Files with Custom Mappings
  6. Inbound Custom Files with Intelligent Structure Discovery
  7. Tracking and Monitoring Events
  8. Cloud B2B Gateway REST APIs
  9. Glossary

Cloud B2B Gateway

Cloud B2B Gateway


The Cloud B2B Gateway User Guide explains how business users can use Cloud B2B Gateway for end-to-end handling and exchange of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages and custom files with partners. It assumes that you have a working knowledge of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. It also assumes that you are familiar with the EDI document standards, the format and requirements of exchanging EDI messages with partners, and the integration of data to the organization's backend systems.

Updated April 08, 2019

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