Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Components
  3. API collections
  4. Business services
  5. File listeners
  6. Fixed-width file formats
  7. Hierarchical schemas
  8. Intelligent structure models
  9. Refining intelligent structure models
  10. Mapplets
  11. Saved queries
  12. Shared sequences
  13. User-defined functions



File listeners in B2B Gateway partner flows

File listeners in
B2B Gateway
partner flows

You can use a file listener to trigger
B2B Gateway
partner inbound and outbound flows.
When you configure the partner, you select the file listener to trigger the inbound or outbound flow. When you save the partner, the partner subscribes to the file listener. The file listener triggers the flow according to the rules defined in the file listener.
For example, you configure a file listener to listen for new files arriving in a folder and then configure the partner to use the file listener for inbound flows. When the partner puts files into the specified folder, the file listener triggers the inbound flow.


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