Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Components
  3. API collections
  4. Business services
  5. File listeners
  6. Fixed-width file formats
  7. Hierarchical schemas
  8. Intelligent structure models
  9. Refining intelligent structure models
  10. Mapplets
  11. Saved queries
  12. Shared sequences
  13. User-defined functions



Using intelligent structure models in data engineering mappings

intelligent structure model
s in data engineering mappings

To use an
intelligent structure model
in a data engineering mapping, add the model to a data object. The model generates HTYPE output.
You can add an
intelligent structure model
to data objects, and then incorporate them into mappings in data engineering. To use an
intelligent structure model
in a data object, first export it from
Data Integration
to your local drive.
Use Informatica Developer to add the intelligent structure to a complex file data object, Amazon S3 data object, or Microsoft Azure Blob data object. You can add the data object to a data engineering mapping and process data on the Spark engine. For more information, see the
Data Engineering Integration User Guide


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