Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Components
  3. Business services
  4. File listeners
  5. Fixed-width file formats
  6. Hierarchical schemas
  7. Intelligent structure models
  8. Mapplets
  9. Saved queries
  10. Shared sequences
  11. User-defined functions



Using intelligent structure models in data engineering mappings

intelligent structure model
s in data engineering mappings

You can use an
intelligent structure model
in a data engineering mapping.
You can add an
intelligent structure model
to data objects, and then incorporate them into mappings in data engineering. To use an
intelligent structure model
in a data object, first export it from
Data Integration
to your local drive.
Use Informatica Developer to add the intelligent structure to a complex file data object, Amazon S3 data object, or Microsoft Azure Blob data object. You can add the data object to a data engineering mapping and process data on the Spark engine. For more information, see the
Data Engineering Integration User Guide

Updated August 03, 2020