Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Data Integration tasks
  3. Mapping tasks
  4. Synchronization tasks
  5. Replication tasks
  6. Mass ingestion tasks
  7. Masking tasks
  8. Masking rules
  9. PowerCenter tasks



Mass ingestion tasks

Mass ingestion

mass ingestion
tasks to transfer a large number of files of any file type between on-premises and cloud repositories and to track and monitor file transfers.
When you create a
mass ingestion
task, you define the source and the target endpoints for file transfer. To enhance the performance of a
mass ingestion
task, you can define the number of files a mass ingestion task can transfer in a batch.
You can define a schedule by which the task runs. You can also configure the task to perform actions, such as compression, decompression, encryption, or decryption of files.

Updated June 30, 2020