Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Monitoring jobs
  3. Monitoring Data Integration jobs
  4. Data Integration job log files
  5. Monitor Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Mass Ingestion
  6. Monitoring Data Accelerator for Azure jobs
  7. Monitoring Data Profiling jobs
  8. Monitoring imports and exports
  9. Monitoring file transfer jobs
  10. Monitoring elastic clusters
  11. Monitoring source control logs



Monitoring elastic mappings and tasks

elastic mappings
and tasks

To view detailed information about a specific
elastic job
, such as an
elastic mapping
or an associated
task, click the job name on the
All Jobs
Running Jobs
, or
My Jobs
When you monitor an
elastic job
while the job is running, you must refresh the page to view updates to the job properties, job results, and Spark task details.