Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Monitoring jobs
  3. Monitoring Data Integration jobs
  4. Data Integration job log files
  5. Monitoring Mass Ingestion jobs
  6. Monitoring Data Accelerator for Azure jobs
  7. Monitoring Data Profiling jobs
  8. Monitoring imports and exports
  9. Monitoring file transfer jobs
  10. Monitoring elastic clusters
  11. Monitoring source control logs



Monitoring Mass Ingestion jobs

Mass Ingestion

You can monitor the progress, performance, and status of ingestion jobs from the
Mass Ingestion
Depending on the service you use and type of ingestion job, you can view following monitoring information:
  • On the
    My Jobs
    page in the
    Mass Ingestion
    service, monitor the ingestion jobs for the ingestion tasks that you created and deployed. You can view a list of your jobs that includes general job properties such as the task type, runtime environment, start time, duration, and current job state.
  • On the
    Mass Ingestion
    page in the
    service, monitor
    types of ingestion jobs that any member of your organization created and deployed. You can view the following types of information:
    • Summary counts of ingestion jobs by task type and job state.
    • Recent jobs that require your attention because they have errors or warnings.
    • A list of all ingestion jobs by type, including the general job properties.
  • From either the list of your jobs or list of all jobs, you can drill down to details for a specific job by clicking the job name. You can view additional job overview information, alert messages, performance statistics, and information about past job runs.
streaming ingestion
job name matches the ingestion task name.

Updated February 12, 2021