Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Introduction to Amazon Redshift connectors
  3. Part 2: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift V2 Connector
  4. Part 3: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift Connector

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Aggregator transformation

Aggregator transformation

You can configure full
SQL ELT optimization
to push an Aggregator transformation to process in Amazon Redshift.

Aggregate calculations

You can perform the following aggregate calculations:
  • AVG
  • MAX
  • MIN
  • SUM

Incoming fields

When you configure an Aggregator transformation and the incoming field is not used in an aggregate function or in a group by field, the output is not deterministic as the ANY_VALUE() function returns any value from the field.


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