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A Unified Guided Experience

Discover the new unified, guided experience for Cloud Data Integration and Mass Ingestion in the May 2024 release.

What's New in Cloud Data Integration - April 2024

Learn about the new features in the April 2024 release of Cloud Data Integration.

What's New in Cloud Data Integration - February 2024

Learn about some of the new features in the February 2024 release of Cloud Data Integration.

Automate Your Data Pipeline and Support Open Data Architecture with IntegrationOps

See how IntegrationOps addresses the production challenges of operationalizing complex workflows that involve third-party applications.

Consuming a Machine Learning Model

Learn how the Machine Learning transformation uses a REST API to run a machine learning model and return predictions to an elastic mapping.

Copying Mappings to Advanced Mode

Learn how to quickly copy mappings to advanced mode.

Creating a Dynamic Mapping Task

Learn how to create and run a dynamic mapping task.

Debugging Mapping Errors

Learn how to use Data Preview to troubleshoot errors in mappings and target data.

Leveraging FinOps Capabilities

Learn how you can leverage FinOps capabilities in Cloud Data Integration to reduce your cloud infrastructure costs.

Modifying the Schema of Hierarchical Data in an Elastic Mapping

Learn how to use the Hierarchy Processor transformation to modify the schema of hierarchical data in an elastic mapping.

Optimize, Govern and Control Cloud Costs with FinOps-Powered Data Integration

See how organizations can avoid cost overruns and govern the total cost of ownership (TCO) across the data engineering lifecycle.

Optimizing Mapping Performance

Learn how to optimize elastic mapping performance with CLAIRE tuning. CLAIRE tuning uses artificial intelligence to optimize Spark engine performance and reduce the time it takes to perform mapping tasks.

Recovering PowerCenter Workflows and Cloud Data Integration Taskflows

Learn how to configure recovery for PowerCenter workflows and Cloud Data Integration taskflows.

Setting Up a Local Cluster to Run Mappings in Advanced Mode

Learn how to set up a local cluster on an existing Secure Agent machine to run mappings in advanced mode.

Setting Up a Self-Service Cluster on Amazon EKS

Learn how to set up a self-service cluster on Amazon EKS with Informatica Cloud Data Integration.

Starting Taskflow Jobs with the RunAJob Utility and a 3rd-Party Scheduler

Learn how a third-party scheduler can use Informatica’s RunAJob utility to start a taskflow job.

Using Command Task and Notification Task Steps in a Taskflow

Learn how to use the Command Task and Notification Task steps in a taskflow.

Versioning Objects in PowerCenter and Cloud Data Integration

Learn about the differences in object versioning between PowerCenter and Cloud Data Integration.

Introducing Cloud Data Integration

View a quick introduction to Cloud Data Integration.

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