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Introducing INFACore

Watch a high-level overview of the key benefits and components of Informatica INFACore.

Empower Your Low-Code Developers to Build Robust Data Applications

Developing data applications can be complex and time-consuming. Empower your development team with INFACore, Informatica’s open, extensible, and embeddable intelligent headless data management service.

Installing INFACore on JupyterLab

Learn how to install the INFACore extension for JupyterLab, the python SDK library, and a local runtime environment.

Creating a Connection in JupyterLab

Learn how to create a connection to a data source. In this demo, we'll connect to a Snowflake data source.

Reading and Writing Data in JupyterLab

Learn how to read from a data source and write data to a target endpoint. 

Using Functions in JupyterLab

Learn how to use functions in INFACore running on JupyterLab.

Parsing Data in JupyterLab

Learn how to parse semi-structured or unstructured data to a structured format.