Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Cloud Customer 360
  3. Configuring the Data Cleansing Settings
  4. Managing Batch Jobs
  5. Verifying Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers
  6. Synchronizing Salesforce Records with CC360
  7. Managing Duplicate Records
  8. Consolidating Records
  9. Converting External Records to Salesforce Records
  10. Managing Hierarchies
  11. Integrating Cloud Customer 360 with MDM Multidomain Edition
  12. Managing Multi-Org
  13. Custom Settings
  14. Glossary

Match Score Weighting

The match score weighting determines the impact a field score has on the total match score.
calculates a total match score based on the total weighted field scores. The weighted field score ensures fields that can help uniquely identify a company have more impact on the total match score than a field that is common among many records.
For example, the company name is likely to uniquely identify a record. Conversely, the billing city does not uniquely identify a record because many people and businesses can share the same city. You can give the company name a higher weighting than the city name field to ensure the company name score has a greater influence on the total match score.
The weighting is a percentage between 0 and 100. If you set the weighting to 50 and the field score is 75,
calculates the weighted field score as 50% of 75. The weighted field score in this example is 37.5.
You can also set the weighting to 200 to ensure a field is an exact match. If you set the weighting for a field to 200 and the fields are not an exact match,
sets the total match score to zero. You can use a weighting of 200 for the country ISO code field. A company with branches in two different countries might have many matching fields, but you might not want
to consider the two branches a match because they are two separate business entities. Set the weighting to 200 on the country ISO code field to ensure
does not consider these two separate business entities as the same entity.
Assign a weighting of 200 with care. If a field with a weighting of 200 is not an exact match,
does not consider the two records a match, regardless of how closely other fields match.


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