Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Getting Started
  4. Adding Records
  5. Finding Records
  6. Editing Records
  7. Working with Drafts
  8. Participating in Review Processes
  9. Importing Data
  10. Resolving Duplicates
  11. Investigating Data Changes
  12. Investigating Hierarchies and Relationships
  13. Viewing the Relationship Graph

Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs on the
page contain enterprise-level information about all customers and tasks. You can view a visual representation of the customers and related information. You can view the breakdown of tasks, grouped by their state and priority.
The charts and graphs can be static or dynamic. Before you analyze the data, ensure that the data reflects the current master data. Your administrator can add or remove charts from the
page. All managers share the same
page, so you might want to coordinate with other managers before requesting changes.
Customers Added By Year
Displays the number of customers added in each year.
Customer By Onboarding Time
Displays how long it took to qualify customers.
Source Systems
Displays the percentage of customer data that comes from each source system in each year.
Tasks Overview
Displays the total number of tasks and breaks down the tasks by status and priority.
Assigned Tasks By Users
Displays the total number of tasks assigned to each user.
Closed Tasks By Users
Displays the total number of tasks closed by each user.
Open Tasks By Task Type
Displays the total number of tasks that are open for each task type.
Assigned Tasks By User Roles
Displays the total number of tasks assigned to each user role.


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