Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Getting Started
  4. Adding Records
  5. Finding Records
  6. Editing Records
  7. Importing Bulk Data
  8. Working with Draft Records
  9. Viewing Tasks
  10. Participating in Review Processes
  11. Managing Tasks
  12. Resolving Duplicates
  13. Investigating Data Changes
  14. Investigating Relationships
  15. Creating Customer Profiles on the Customer Portal

Sorting and Filtering Tasks

Sorting and Filtering Tasks

You can sort and filter the list of tasks in the task inbox. For example, you might want to review edited records before you review merge proposals.
The task inbox contains quick filters and column filters. You can use these filters in combination to get specific results. For example, to see high priority tasks assigned to you, select the
My Open Tasks
quick filter and set the Priority column filter to
. In logical terms, filters are joined by the AND operator.
You can set one column filter at a time. For example, you can narrow your list to Organizations and then further restrict the results to show only the Merge tasks for organizations.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    The task inbox appears.
  2. To sort the list of tasks by a field, click the column heading with that field name.
    For example, to sort tasks by task type, click the
    Task Type
    column heading.
    Sorts the tasks based on the values in the selected column. An up arrow beside the column heading indicates that the values are sorted in ascending order. A down arrow indicates descending order.
    By default, the task inbox sorts tasks case insensitively. If the number of tasks to sort is more than the value of the
    property, case-sensitive sorting is database dependent. For more information about the
    property, see the
    Multidomain MDM Data Director Implementation Guide
  3. To filter the list of tasks, set filter criteria in any order.
    • To filter tasks by the most commonly used criteria, select one of the following quick filters:
      My Open Tasks
      Shows your open tasks.
      My Closed Tasks
      Shows the tasks that you closed.
      All Tasks
      Shows all the closed, claimed, and unclaimed tasks that are assigned to your user group.
      All Unclaimed Tasks
      Shows all the unclaimed tasks that are assigned to your user group.
      All Closed Tasks
      Shows all the tasks that the users in your user group closed.
      All Claimed Tasks
      Shows all the tasks that the users in your user group claimed.
    • To filter tasks based on the values of column headings, enter appropriate values for the following column headings:
      Task Title
      Shows tasks that contain the specified text. Enter the text that you want to search for in the task titles.
      Shows tasks with the selected task type. Select a task type from the list, such as
      Final Review
      Shows tasks with the selected priority, such as
      . Select a priority from the list.
      Due Date
      Shows tasks that are overdue or due in a specific period. Select a due date option from the list.
      Shows tasks with the selected status, such as
      . Select a status from the list.
      Shows tasks that are assigned to the user. Enter a user name.
      Shows tasks that the specified user created.
      Creation Date
      Shows tasks that are created during a specific period of time. Select a creation date option from the list, such as
      Last 7 days
      Custom range
  4. To remove filters, click the
    Clear Filter


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