Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Before You Install
  4. Installing MDM - Customer 360
  5. After You Install
  6. Business Processes for Customer Management
  7. Customizing Customer 360
  8. Upgrading Customer 360
  9. Troubleshooting

Populate Customer 360 Charts with Data

Customer 360
Charts with Data

The Home page of
Customer 360
displays charts with metrics or data about customers and tasks. All charts are available as chart components except the Customer Distribution By Geography chart which is available as an external link. The data for the chart that is available as external link comes from a data mart.
The data mart service retrieves data from the Operational Reference Store and stores the results in a repository table. When the Home page loads, the page queries the data mart service for the data and populates the charts.
In the data mart service and configuration files, the term
refers to the chart configuration.
To populate the charts, perform the following tasks:
  1. Import the chart configurations into a repository table.
  2. Configure a database connection between the data mart and the database that contains the Operational Reference Store.
  3. Configure the report parameters to include the database name.
  4. Populate the data mart with report data.


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