Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Customer 360
  3. Getting Started
  4. Adding Records
  5. Working with Draft Records
  6. Finding Records
  7. Editing Records
  8. Managing Record Versions
  9. Importing Bulk Data
  10. Viewing Tasks
  11. Participating in Review Processes
  12. Managing Tasks
  13. Resolving Duplicates
  14. Investigating Data Changes
  15. Investigating Relationships
  16. Creating Customer Profiles on the Customer Portal

The Customer Perspective

The Customer Perspective

You are a representative of a restaurant called ABC Restaurant. You need to buy beverages for your restaurant from a beverages manufacturing company named XYZ Distilleries. The food and drink manufacturing company has a customer portal for you to register your restaurant as a customer. You can use the customer portal to onboard your profile into the database of XYZ Distilleries and communicate regarding your interest to procure beverages.
The following steps outline a high-level view of the customer experience from an initial contact to approved customer:
  1. You, as a representative of ABC Restaurant, register on the XYZ Distilleries Customer Portal.
  2. You sign up into the Customer Portal or receive an invitation email with the user credentials from XYZ Distilleries.
  3. You sign in to the XYZ Distilleries Customer Portal, fill out an application form and submit the application form to become a valued customer of Distilleries.
  4. A manager from XYZ Distilleries reviews the online application and approves your profile as a valued customer of XYZ Distilleries.
  5. You receive an email confirming that your profile as a valued customer of XYZ Distilleries is approved.
  6. You can add contact names for the people at ABC Restaurant.
  7. The contacts receive an email with user credentials and a link to the XYZ Distilleries Customer Portal.
  8. You sign into the Customer Portal and see a welcome dashboard.
  9. You can use the Customer Portal to maintain your profile, order items to buy from XYZ Distilleries, monitor delivery, and communicate with XYZ Distilleries for other requirements.


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