Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Hub Console Tools
  3. Building the Data Model
  4. Configuring the Data Flow
  5. Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  6. Configuring Application Access
  7. MDM Hub Properties
  8. Viewing Configuration Details
  9. Search with Solr
  10. Row-level Locking
  11. MDM Hub Logging
  12. Table Partitioning
  13. Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Glossary

State Management and BPM Workflow Tools Overview

State Management and BPM Workflow Tools Overview

You can ensure that updated entity data goes through a change-approval workflow before the updated records contribute the Best Version of the Truth (BVT) records. For example, a business process might require that a senior manager review and approve updates to customer data before it becomes master data.
To support a change-approval workflow, the
Data Director
(IDD) integrate with the ActiveVOS
Server. Predefined MDM workflows, task types, and roles enable the components to synchronize with one another.
The components support a change-approval workflow in the following ways:
  • The
    MDM Hub
    manages a state on the records in the base object tables that have state management enabled. Unapproved records have a pending state, while approved records have an active state.
  • In IDD applications, authorized business users change entity data and can send updates for approval.
  • The
    ActiveVOS Server
    runs activities within the MDM workflows and creates tasks for business managers and data stewards.


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