Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Hub Console Tools
  3. Building the Data Model
  4. Configuring the Data Flow
  5. Executing Informatica MDM Hub Processes
  6. Configuring Application Access
  7. MDM Hub Properties
  8. Viewing Configuration Details
  9. Search with Solr
  10. Row-level Locking
  11. MDM Hub Logging
  12. Table Partitioning
  13. Collecting MDM Environment Information with the Product Usage Toolkit
  14. Glossary

Identifying the Base Objects to Reindex

Identifying the Base Objects to Reindex

After you update some of the field properties, use the Solr Administration User Interface to identify the base objects that you must reindex.
  1. In a browser, enter the following URL:
    http://<MDM Hub host>:<Port>/MDESolr
    The Solr Administration User Interface opens.
  2. On the left pane, click
  3. In the hierarchy on the right side, expand
    <Business Entity>
    The configuration details of the business entity appear in the JSON format.
    attribute in the JSON lists the base objects that contribute to the business entity.
    The value
    indicates that the base object configuration is outdated, and you must reindex the table. The value
    indicates that the base object configuration is up-to-date.
  4. Check the values of the following parameters:
    • CollectionName
    • ConfigName
    When you update the business entity fields, the Solr Administration User Interface resets the values of these parameters to null. You must wait until the values reflect the business entity before you reindex the base objects.
  5. After the
    parameters reflect the business entity, run the Initially Index Smart Search Data batch job on the base objects that require reindexing.


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