Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to MDM Hub Security
  3. Resources
  4. Roles
  5. Users and User Groups
  6. Security Providers
  7. Application Level Security
  8. Password Hashing
  9. Glossary

Password Policy Settings

Password Policy Settings

You can specify password policy settings for the
allows you to set users the following private password policies:
Password Length
Minimum and maximum length of a password in characters.
Password Expiry
Specifies whether a password expires or not, and the number of days for which a password is valid.
Select the
Password expires
check box to set an expiry period for passwords. Clear the
Password expires
check box to set passwords that do not expire.
If you select the
Password expires
check box, specify the number of days in which the password must expire. The minimum password expiry period that you can set is
Login Settings
Number of grace logins and maximum number of failed logins allowed.
Password History
Number of times that a password can be reused.
Password Requirements
Select the
Password pattern validation enabled
check box to enforce a password pattern. You can specify the following criteria for password pattern:
  • Minimum number of unique characters
  • Password must start with
  • Password must contain
  • Password must end with


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