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Documentation Introduction

Documentation Introduction

Review Example Source Code

After considering the examples in the UM Quick Start Guide and familiarizing yourself with Ultra Messaging concepts, we suggest digging right into more complex source code examples to see how to use Ultra Messaging. See the following examples:
  • examples of C source code
  • Java source code examples
  • .NET source code examples
  • JMS source code examples
Ultra Messaging Desktop Services (UMDS) presents information about the UMDS Client and UMDS Server with links to the UMDS example applications and the UMDS APIs.
When you're ready to start writing your own code, you may want to start with minsrc.c and minrcv.c from the Quick Start Guide. Then cut and paste code from the more complicated examples mentioned above, such as lbmprice.c. It demonstrates not only the API usage, but also some common design patterns used with Ultra Messaging.

Updated August 26, 2019

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