Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Hadoop Integration
  3. Part 2: Databricks Integration
  4. Appendix A: Connections Reference

Prepare Directories, Users, and Permissions

Prepare Directories, Users, and Permissions

The Data Integration Service needs access to the Hadoop environment for integration and staging.

Informatica Users

Verify and create the following Informatica users and grant them permission to access the cluster and its storage resources and staging directories:
  • Hadoop impersonation user
  • Service Principal Name (SPN) for the Data Integration Service
  • Hadoop staging user
  • Blaze user
  • Operating system profile user
  • Mapping impersonation user


Prepare the following directories and permissions:
  • Informatica cluster staging directory
  • Hive warehouse directory
  • Hive staging directory
  • Blaze engine directories
  • Spark engine staging directory
  • Reject file directory


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