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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Hadoop Integration
  3. Part 2: Databricks Integration
  4. Appendix A: Connections Reference

Common Advanced Properties

Common Advanced Properties

Common advanced properties are a list of advanced or custom properties that are unique to the Hadoop environment. The properties are common to the Blaze and Spark engines. Each property contains a name and a value. You can add or edit advanced properties.
To edit the property in the text box, use the following format with &: to separate each name-value pair:
Configure the following property in the
Advanced Properties
of the common properties section:
List of Java options to customize the Java run-time environment. The property contains default values.
If mappings in a MapR environment contain a Consolidation transformation or a Match transformation, change the following value:
  • -Xmx512M. Specifies the maximum size for the Java virtual memory. Default is 512 MB. Increase the value to at least 700 MB.
    For example,


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