Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Hadoop Integration
  3. Part 2: Databricks Integration
  4. Appendix A: Managing Distribution Packages
  5. Appendix B: Connections Reference

Cluster Deployment Details

Cluster Deployment Details

The following table describes the cluster deployment properties that you configure:
Resource Group
Resource group in which to create the cluster. A resource group is a logical set of Azure resources.
Virtual Network Resource Group
Optional. Resource group to which the virtual network belongs.
If you do not specify a resource group, the Data Integration Service assumes that the virtual network is a member of the same resource group as the cluster.
Virtual Network
Name of the virtual network or vnet where you want to create the cluster. Specify a vnet that resides in the resource group that you specified in the Virtual Network Resource Group property.
The vnet must be in the same region as the region in which to create the cluster.
Subnet Name
Subnet in which to create the cluster. The subnet must be a part of the vnet that you designated in the previous property.
Each vnet can have one or more subnets. The Azure administrator can choose an existing subnet or create one for the cluster.


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