Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Data Engineering Integration
  3. Mappings
  4. Mapping Optimization
  5. Sources
  6. Targets
  7. Transformations
  8. Python Transformation
  9. Data Preview
  10. Cluster Workflows
  11. Profiles
  12. Monitoring
  13. Hierarchical Data Processing
  14. Hierarchical Data Processing Configuration
  15. Hierarchical Data Processing with Schema Changes
  16. Intelligent Structure Models
  17. Blockchain
  18. Stateful Computing
  19. Appendix A: Connections Reference
  20. Appendix B: Data Type Reference
  21. Appendix C: Function Reference

Previewing Data

Previewing Data

When you run data preview in the Data Viewer view, you can perform tasks, such as viewing the structure and data of a hierarchy field and filtering ports to view. You can also export the results to a JSON file.
Before you preview data, verify that Spark is configured as the mapping run-time environment. If you are previewing hierarchical data in a complex file object, add the complex file object to a mapping to preview the data.
  1. Open a mapping in the Developer tool, and select a preview point.
  2. To run the data preview, click
    in the Data Viewer view.
    The output of the data preview can be viewed in the Data Viewer view.
  3. To filter ports in the output, choose the ports you want to view.
  4. To view the structure and the data in a hierarchy field, select the field.
    The details of the hierarchy field appear on the hierarchical type panel.
  5. To export the results to a JSON file, right-click the hierarchy field and select
    Export Data


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