Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Dynamic Data Masking Administration
  3. Authentication
  4. Connection Management
  5. JDBC Client Configuration
  6. ODBC Client Configuration
  7. Access Control
  8. Logs
  9. High Availability
  10. Server Control
  11. Performance Tuning
  12. Troubleshooting

Administrator Guide

Administrator Guide

User Stack Limit

User Stack Limit

High user stack limits cause high CPU consumption and connection refusal.
Set the user stack limit, or ulimit, to 1,024 kilobytes to ensure that system can create threads. To view the user stack limit, enter
#ulimit -s
in the command shell. The system returns the value in kilobytes.

Calculating the User Stack Limit

An insufficient number of available threads cause high CPU load and client request delays. Before you change the user stack limit, verify the minimum number of required threads necessary for the system.
Use the following formula to calculate the minimum number of threads:
<number of concurrent sessions> x 10

Insufficient Thread Error

The following error appears in server.log if the number of open files is insufficient:
12/16 13:24:51,597 [dnr-1] WARN - Service dnr.createClientPeer: received IOException while listening: Too many open files


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