Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Advanced clusters
  3. Setting up AWS
  4. Setting up Google Cloud
  5. Setting up Microsoft Azure
  6. Setting up a self-service cluster
  7. Setting up a local cluster
  8. Advanced configurations
  9. Troubleshooting
  10. Appendix A: Command reference

Advanced Clusters

Advanced Clusters

Managing advanced cluster costs

advanced cluster

CLAIRE, Informatica's AI engine, enables FinOps capabilities to help you manage, govern, and monitor advanced cluster infrastructure costs to provide transparency into your cloud spending. CLAIRE uses machine learning to generate insights and recommendations to reduce costs, optimize performance, and ensure that your budget goes towards the most important data management initiatives for your organization.
To help you design advanced data management projects that align with your budgetary goals, CLAIRE can perform the following tasks:
  • Select
    advanced cluster
    infrastructure according to the budget that you specify.
  • Dynamically scale out and scale in cluster infrastructure according to your workload while staying within budget.
  • Identify jobs that are better suited to run on an
    advanced cluster
    or using SQL ELT optimization to save on cloud infrastructure costs and optimize job performance.
  • Fine-tune runtime parameters for cost and performance.
  • Schedule high-value workloads based on priority to meet deadlines for important jobs.
  • Report on the estimated cloud infrastructure savings due to CLAIRE's intelligent optimizations, the key areas that contribute to those savings, and additional financial insights.
  • Visualize the infrastructure costs that an advanced cluster incurs over time.
  • Generate recommendations to identify areas that can produce additional cost savings or performance improvements.
CLAIRE is available to assist you in every part of your advanced data management project, such as the
advanced clusters
, mappings, and mapping tasks that you run.


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