Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica Big Data Management
  3. Mappings
  4. Sources
  5. Targets
  6. Transformations
  7. Data Preview
  8. Cluster Workflows
  9. Profiles
  10. Monitoring
  11. Hierarchical Data Processing
  12. Hierarchical Data Processing Configuration
  13. Hierarchical Data Processing with Schema Changes
  14. Intelligent Structure Models
  15. Stateful Computing
  16. Appendix A: Connections
  17. Appendix B: Data Type Reference
  18. Appendix C: Function Reference

Checking for Data Loss

Checking for Data Loss

To verify if a mapping with an
intelligent structure model
lost data when it processed an input file, check the Spark history log.
  1. To get the log, run the following command on the Spark engine host machine:
    yarn logs -applicationId<application ID>


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