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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Hadoop Integration
  3. Part 2: Databricks Integration
  4. Appendix A: Managing Distribution Packages
  5. Appendix B: Connections Reference

Using the ktutil Utility to Create a Keytab File

Using the ktutil Utility to Create a Keytab File

Use the ktutil utility to create a keytab file.
Before you begin, get the Kerberos principal user name from the cluster administrator.
  1. Log in to any cluster VM.
  2. From the command line, type
    to launch the utility.
  3. Type the following command:
    addent -password -p <user name> -k 1 -e RC4-HMAC
    where <user name> is the Kerberos principal user. For example:
    addent -password -p myname -k 1 -e RC4-HMAC
  4. When prompted, enter the password for the Kerberos principal user.
  5. Type the following command to create a keytab:
    wkt /tmp/keytabs/<user name>.keytab
    is the path where you want to store keytabs. For example:
    wkt /tmp/keytabs/myname.keytab
  6. Type
    to quit the ktutil utility.


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