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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Accelerators
  3. Core Accelerator
  4. Data Domains Accelerator
  5. Australia/New Zealand Accelerator
  6. BCBS 239/CCAR Accelerator
  7. Brazil Accelerator
  8. Financial Services Accelerator
  9. France Accelerator
  10. Germany Accelerator
  11. India Accelerator
  12. Italy Accelerator
  13. Portugal Accelerator
  14. Spain Accelerator
  15. United Kingdom Accelerator
  16. U.S./Canada Accelerator

Accelerator Guide

Accelerator Guide

Brazil General Data Cleansing Rules

Brazil General Data Cleansing Rules

Use the general data cleansing rules to identify the type of information contained in input fields.
Find the general data cleansing rules in the following repository location:
The following table describes the general data cleansing rules in the Brazil accelerator:
Identifies the type of information contained in an input field. The rule can identify names, Personal IDs, company names, dates, and Brazilian address data. The rule returns a label that describes the type of input data. The rule uses reference data and probabilistic matching techniques to identify the types of information.

Dependencies on Core General Data Cleansing Rules

The Brazil accelerator depends on the following general data cleansing rules from the Core accelerator:
  • rule_Assign_DQ_GeocodingStatus_Description
  • rule_Assign_DQ_Mailability_Score_Description
  • rule_Assign_DQ_Match_Code_Descriptions
  • rule_Remove_Extra_Spaces
  • rule_Remove_Non_Numbers
  • rule_Remove_Punctuation
  • rule_Remove_Punctuation_and_Space
  • rule_Replace_Limited_Punct_with_Space
  • rule_TitleCase
  • rule_UpperCase
For more information about these rules, see Core General Data Cleansing Rules.

Updated January 30, 2023



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