Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Dynamic Data Masking
  3. Rules
  4. Connection Rules
  5. Security Rules
  6. Security Rule Set Simulator
  7. Masking Functions
  8. Stored Procedure Result Set Masking
  9. Integration with Informatica Products
  10. Appendix A: XML Functions Reference
  11. Appendix B: Glossary

Rewrite Action

Rewrite Action

The Rewrite action replaces the SQL statement with an alternate statement. You can rewrite any type of SQL request, including data manipulation language commands, DIGITAL Command Language commands, and data definition language commands.
You can use symbols and reference bind variables to rewrite predicates in the incoming SQL statement.
If you want to use a symbol value to rewrite all or part of the SQL statement, use the expression
in the Alternate Statement field.
The following table describes the Rewrite action parameters:
Alternate statement
Defines the SQL statement that the Rule Engine uses to rewrite the original SQL statement.

Rewriting Statements With Bind Variables

Use bind variable naming conventions to rewrite incoming statements.
The Rule Engine identifies the values in the positions specified by bind variables in the incoming statement. You must enter the same bind variable names in the predicate of the rewrite statement. The Rule Engine identifies the values in the incoming statement and rewrites the statement with the inserted values.