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  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Version 10.4.1
  3. Part 2: Version 10.4.0
  4. Part 3: Version 10.2.2
  5. Part 4: Version 10.2.1
  6. Part 5: Version 10.2
  7. Part 6: Version 10.1.1
  8. Part 7: Version 10.1

Human Task Notification Properties

Human Task Notification Properties

Effective in version 10.2, you can edit the subject line of an email notification that you configure in a Human task. You can also add a workflow variable to the subject line of the notification.
A Human task can send email notifications when the Human task completes in the workflow and when a task instance that the Human task defines changes status. To configure notifications for a Human task, update the Notifications properties on the Human task in the workflow. To configure notifications for a task instance, update the Notification properties on the step within the Human task that defines the task instances.
When you configure notifications for a Human task instance, you can select an option to notify the task instance owner in addition to any recipient that you specify. The option applies when a single user owns the task instance. When you select the option to notify the task instance owner, you can optionally leave the Recipients field empty
For more information, see the "Human Task" chapter in the
Informatica 10.2 Developer Workflow Guide


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