Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Amazon S3 V2 Connector
  3. Connections for Amazon S3 V2
  4. Amazon S3 V2 sources and targets
  5. Mappings and mapping tasks with Amazon S3 V2
  6. Migrating a mapping
  7. Upgrading to Amazon S3 V2 Connector
  8. Data type reference
  9. Troubleshooting

Amazon S3 V2 Connector

Amazon S3 V2 Connector

AssumeRole via IAM user authentication

AssumeRole via IAM user authentication

AssumeRole via IAM user authentication requires the access key and secret key values of the IAM user and the ARN of the IAM role.
The following table describes the
connection properties for AssumeRole via IAM user authentication:
Access Key
Access key to access the Amazon S3 bucket.
Secret Key
Secret key to access the Amazon S3 bucket. The secret key is associated with the access key and uniquely identifies the account.
Folder Path
Bucket name or complete folder path to the Amazon S3 objects.
For example,
<bucket name>/<my folder name>
Region Name
The AWS region of the bucket that you want to access.
Select one of the following regions:

    Africa(Cape Town)

    Asia Pacific(Mumbai)

    Asis Pacific(Jakarta)

    Asia Pacific (Osaka)

    Asia Pacific(Seoul)

    Asia Pacific(Singapore)

    Asia Pacific(Sydney)

    Asia Pacific(Tokyo)

    Asia Pacific(Hong Kong)

    AWS GovCloud(US)

    AWS GovCloud(US-East)










    South America(Sao Paulo)

    Middle East(Bahrain)

    Middle East(UAE)

    US East(N. Virginia)

    US East(Ohio)

    US ISO East

    US ISOB East(Ohio)

    US ISO West

    US West(N. California)

    US West(Oregon)

Default is US East(N. Virginia).
The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role assumed by the user to use the dynamically generated temporary security credentials.
Enter the value of this property if you want to use the temporary security credentials to access the AWS resources.
Even if you remove the IAM role that enables the agent to access the Amazon S3 bucket and create a connection, the test connection is successful.
For more information about how to get the ARN of the IAM role, see the AWS documentation.
External ID
Provides a more secure access to the Amazon S3 bucket when the Amazon S3 bucket is in a different AWS account.


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