Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Installation Overview
  3. Installing MDM Registry Edition
  4. Post-Installation Tasks
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Upgrading MDM Registry Edition
  7. Uninstalling MDM Registry Edition

Installation and Configuration Guide

Installation and Configuration Guide

Components of MDM Registry Edition

Components of
MDM Registry Edition

MDM Registry Edition
consists of the following components:
Server Components
The server components include the Search Server, Console Server, Rulebase Server, Connection Server, core modules, and optional servers. The core modules include System Loader, Table Loader, and Update Synchronizer.
Client Components
The client components include the Console Client, Search Client, SDF Wizard, Custom Search Client, and optional components. The optional components include examples of client programs for different programming languages.
Data Director Components
The Informatica Data Director package contains all the Informatica Data Director components. For information about configuring Informatica Data Director, see
Informatica MDM Registry Edition Data Director Installation Guide.
Standard Population Files
A population file contains SSA-NAME3 key-building algorithms, search strategies, and matching schemes.
MDM Registry Edition
includes more than 60 standard populations that cover different countries, languages, and regions. You can select the standard population based on the data that you plan to search and match.
Source and Target Database
A source database contains the user data in the User Source Tables (UST). A target database contains identity tables (IDT) and identity indexes (IDX) that
MDM Registry Edition
creates and updates.
The following figure shows the architecture of the
MDM Registry Edition
Architecture of the MDM Registry Edition components


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