Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Hadoop Integration
  3. Before You Begin
  4. Amazon EMR Integration Tasks
  5. Azure HDInsight Integration Tasks
  6. Cloudera CDH Integration Tasks
  7. Hortonworks HDP Integration Tasks
  8. MapR Integration Tasks
  9. Appendix A: Connections

Edit the hosts File

Edit the hosts File

To ensure that Informatica can access the HDInsight cluster, edit the
file on the machine that hosts the Data Integration Service to add the following information:
  • Enter the IP address, DNS name, and DNS short name for each data node on the cluster. Use
    to identify the host as the cluster headnode host.
    For example: headnodehost
  • If the HDInsight cluster is integrated with ADLS storage, you also need to enter the IP addresses and DNS names for the hosts listed in the cluster property
    For example:
    To get the IP addresses, run a telnet command from the cluster host using each host name found in the property.


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