Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Data Engineering Streaming
  3. Data Engineering Streaming Administration
  4. Sources in a Streaming Mapping
  5. Targets in a Streaming Mapping
  6. Streaming Mappings
  7. Window Transformation
  8. Appendix A: Connections
  9. Appendix B: Monitoring REST API Reference
  10. Appendix C: Sample Files

Monitor Jobs

Monitor Jobs

You can monitor statistics and view log events for a streaming mapping job on the
tab of the Administrator tool.
Summary Statistics
Use the
Summary Statistics
view to view graphical summaries of object state and distribution across the Data Integration Services. You can also view graphs of the memory and CPU that the Data Integration Services used to run the objects.
Execution Statistics
Use the
Execution Statistics
view of the
tab to monitor properties, run-time statistics, and run-time reports.
The following image shows the monitoring statistics in the
Summary Statistics
In the summary statistics tab, you can view the monitoring statistics. The monitoring statistics consists of a streaming query, messages read from source and written to target, and processing throughput.
A streaming query has a target and source instance. You can view the number of messages read from source and written to the target streaming mapping. You can also view the throughput of messages processed per second. If a failover occurs, the statistics might not be accurate.
You cannot view the monitoring statistics of the Databricks engine on the Monitor tab.
For more information, see the
Data Engineering Integration User Guide


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