Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Version 10.4.0
  3. Part 2: Version 10.2.2
  4. Part 3: Version 10.2.1
  5. Part 4: Version 10.2
  6. Part 5: Version 10.1.1
  7. Part 6: Version 10.1

Distributed Data Integration Service Queues

Distributed Data Integration Service Queues

Effective in version 10.2.2, the Data Integration Service uses a distributed queue to store job information when big data recovery is enabled for deployed big data jobs. The distributed queue is stored in the Model repository, and any available Data Integration Service can run jobs from the queue when resources are available.
For more information, see the "Data Integration Service Processing" chapter in the
Informatica Big Data Management 10.2.2 Administrator Guide.


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