Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Dynamic Data Masking
  3. Rules
  4. Connection Rules
  5. Security Rules
  6. Security Rule Set Simulator
  7. Masking Functions
  8. XML Functions Reference
  9. Glossary

Custom Transformer Action

Use the Custom Transformer action to define a custom masking function for the result set of a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure call.
The Custom Transformer action has the following parameters:
Class Path
Defines a list of jars that contain the Java action class and necessary libraries. Use semicolons to separate multiple jar files.
Class Name
Defines the fully qualified class name. The class must implement the following interface:
. The class must also provide an implementation for the following method:
public Object transform(Object originalValue, ContentProcessor cp, ProtectionAction pa)
For more information, see the chapter "Stored Procedure Result Set Masking."