Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Dynamic Data Masking
  3. Rules
  4. Connection Rules
  5. Security Rules
  6. Security Rule Set Simulator
  7. Masking Functions
  8. XML Functions Reference
  9. Glossary

Process Result Action

In Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure result set masking, the Process Result action defines the rule set that processes the result set. Use the Process Result action to specify the name of the rule set that the Rule Engine applies.
Since the Process Result action is applied on the SQL query, you can use any existing matcher that is applicable to the SQL query in conjunction with the Process Result action. The most common matchers that you can use with the Process Result action are the Procedure Call matcher or the Text matcher with a regular expression to match the stored procedure.
For more information, see the chapter "Stored Procedure Result Set Masking."