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Asset Management

Asset Management

Importing assets

Importing assets

Import assets from an
Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
export file.
  1. Log in to the target organization.
  2. On the
    page, navigate to
    All Projects
    and click
  3. On the
    Import Assets
    page, navigate to the export file and click
    , or drag the zip file from the Downloads folder in Windows.
    Import Assets
    page lists the assets in the file.
  4. Optionally, change the import job name.
  5. Choose whether to overwrite existing assets with the assets in the import.
    • If you choose to overwrite existing assets, when an asset has the same name as an asset in the target project, the asset replaces the existing asset in the target project.
    • If you do not choose this option, if an asset with the same name exists in the target project, the asset is not imported.
  6. Select the assets to import.
    If the export file contains a project and you want to import the entire project, select all of the assets.
    Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
    creates the project in the target organization.
  7. Select the target project or accept the default.
  8. For each source connection, select the target connection or accept the default.
  9. For each source runtime environment, select the target runtime environment or accept the default.
  10. If you want to publish taskflows when you import them, select
    Publish Taskflows after import
  11. Click
    to see the potential results of the import.
    In the Select Assets area, the status for each asset shows the action that the service performs when you import the files.
  12. If necessary, revise your selections to resolve any issues in the test results.
  13. Click
    You can see the progress of the import on the
    tab of the
    My Import/Export Logs
    page. When the import process is complete, a message appears in
    . Click the link in the message to open the log details page and see the results of the import.


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Pradeep Kumar - August 03, 2022

#6 -> is it "Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services creates the project in the target organization" 

Informatica Documentation Team - August 03, 2022

Hi Pradeep,

Yes, you are correct. We will update the documentation and fix this.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!