Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to Informatica MDM - Supplier 360
  3. Supplier 360 Installation Overview
  4. Before You Install
  5. Installing the Supplier 360 Components
  6. After You Install
  7. Business Processes for Supplier Management
  8. Customizing Supplier 360
  9. Upgrading MDM - Supplier 360

Inserting Reference Data

Inserting Reference Data

After you import the metadata, you can populate the tables with some reference data. By using reference data, you can complete the configuration steps faster, because you do not have to insert the rows into the tables manually.
  1. At a command prompt, navigate to the following directory:
    <MDM installation directory>/app/tsr
  2. Based on your database type, use a database tool to run one of the following scripts:
    • For Oracle.
    • For Microsoft SQL Server.
    • For IBM DB2.
  3. Verify that the lookup records loaded successfully from the Hub Console.
    1. In the Hub Console, in the Utilities workbench, click
      Batch Group
    2. Expand
      and select
      Control & Logs
    3. In the Logs for each job table, review the Status column to verify that the load was successful. The Total records column shows the number of records added. The columns to the right of the Total records column displays zeros if all records load successfully.
    4. If the load was unsuccessful, try running the load. Select
      and click


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