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  1. Preface
  2. Getting started with Informatica Address Verification (On-Premises)
  3. General Settings
  4. Input Parameters
  5. Process Parameters
  6. Address Enrichments
  7. Result Parameters
  8. Output Fields
  9. Assessment Codes and Return Codes
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Geocode Countries

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Single-Line Address Verification

Single-Line Address Verification

Use single-line address verification to verify addresses that you create with a single-line structure. Informatica Address Verification supports single-line address verification in batch mode, interactive mode, and fast completion mode.
To verify single-line addresses, enter the addresses in the
element that the
file specifies. If you verify single-line addresses in batch or interactive mode, you must also set the
parameter in the
file to
When you submit a single-line address in interactive mode or fast completion mode, Address Verification can return multiple address suggestions from the reference data. When you submit a single-line address in batch mode, Address Verification returns a single address.

Supported Countries

You can perform single-line address verification on addresses from the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Austria
  • Hong Kong
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • China
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Macau
  • United States
  • France
  • Netherlands

Single-Line Address Structure

Address Verification identifies the address elements in a single-line address based on their position in the address structure. You must enter the elements in the correct sequence even if you omit some of the elements. For optimum results, enter as many elements as possible in the input address. When you enter an address in a single line, do not mix Delivery Address Line (DAL) elements and Country-Specific Locality Line (CSLLN) elements.
The following table shows the order of the address elements to follow for each country:
Order of Address Elements
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Locality] [Province] [Post Code]
[Street] [House Number] [Sub-building] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Delivery Service] [Locality] [Province] [Post Code]
[Post Code] [Province] [Locality] [Street] [House Number]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
[House Number] [Street] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
Hong Kong
[Province] [Locality] [Street] [House Number] [Building 1] [Building 2] [Sub-building]
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Dependent Locality] [Locality] [Province] [Post Code]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality] [Province]
[Post Code] [Province] [Main Locality] [Sub-locality] [Chome] Ban] [Go]
[House Number] [Street] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Locality] [Street] [House Number] [Building]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
New Zealand
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Delivery Service] [Locality] [Post Code]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Sub-building] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
[Street] [House Number] [Post Code] [Locality]
United Kingdom
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Main Locality] [Sub-locality] [Post Code]
United States
[Sub-building] [House Number] [Street] [Locality] [Province] [Post Code]
[House Number] [Street] [Sub-building] [Locality] [Province] [Post Code]

Rules and Guidelines for Single-Line Verification

Consider the following rules and guidelines when you submit addresses for single-line verification:
  • Single-line address verification uses an unlock code of type
    in on-premises installations. Contact your sales representative for more information about obtaining the unlock code.
  • For addresses in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau, Address Verification reads and writes address data in the default database language and script only.
  • Although delimiters are not required in single-line address input, Address Verification processes a comma or a semicolon in the input as an element separator. An input address with delimiters in a Latin script might fetch better suggestions than an address without delimiters.
  • Address Verification does not verify country, organization, department, building, contact, or contact function information in single-line address input.
    Exceptions to this rule are native script addresses in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau. Address Verification can verify building information in Macau and can verify building and sub-building information in Hong Kong. In all other cases, Address Verification copies the information from the input address to the output address.
  • If the single-line address input contains only a numeric input, Address Verification considers it as the post code and returns suggestions accordingly. For countries where the house number appears on the left side of the street name or locality, if the single-line address input begins with a number that is followed by a string, Address Verification considers the number as a house number and the following string as the street name or locality. If Address Verification does not find a match for this combination, Address Verification tries to interpret the input as street name without house number or as a combination of post code and locality.
  • Address Verification returns an N6 process status code if single line address verification is not available for the country to which the input address belongs.
    Address Verification returns an N7 process status code if you have not provided the unlock key for single line address verification in SetConfig.xml.
  • When there is no perfect match for an input, Address Verification returns multiple suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate result. Address Verification returns multiple suggestions based on the value you configure for
    in the
  • Address Verification can return results for a partial input address in fast completion mode. To provide full address responses in batch or interactive mode, Address Verification requires a complete or almost-complete input address, For example, Address Verification can add a post code to an otherwise complete address in batch or interactive mode.
    For more information on the differences between batch and interactive modes, see Key Differences Between Fast Completion and Interactive Modes.


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