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  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started with Informatica Address Verification (On-Premises)
  3. General Settings
  4. Input Parameters
  5. Process Parameters
  6. Address Enrichments
  7. Result Parameters
  8. Output Fields
  9. Assessment Codes and Return Codes
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Geocode Countries

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Developer Guide (On-Premises)

Enrichments for Austria Addresses

Enrichments for Austria Addresses

You can configure Informatica Address Verification to include unique identification codes in the output for valid Austria addresses. To enable address enrichments for Austria, install the latest supplementary address database for Austria and include the corresponding unlock code in the
Address Verification can return the following code values:
The Postal Address Code, or PAC, is a unique identifier for a current Austria address.
The PAC_ID is the PAC of the address at which a building receives mail if the building has more than one address.
Address Verification reads the address from the


The Postal Address Code is a unique identifier for the current version of an address in Austria. For example, the following address returns a Postal Address Code value of 105176447:
Plättenstraße 7 2380 Perchtoldsdorf Niederösterreich AUT

PAC_ID Enrichment

An Austria address has a PAC_ID value when the address identifies a mailbox that receives mail at another address. For example, a building at an intersection of two streets might have an address on both streets and might specify one of the addresses as the mailbox address.
The address that gives access to the mailbox is called the Ident address.
A street address that does not receive mail has a Postal Address Code value and a PAC_ID value. The PAC_ID value is the Postal Address Code of the Ident address that receives the mail. The postal carrier delivers mail to the address that the PAC_ID identifies.
The following table lists street addresses that identify a single mail destination:
Hauptplatz 4 8010 Graz AUT
Neue-Welt-Gasse 2 8010 Graz AUT
Not applicable
The address "Hauptplatz 4" does not receive mail because the mailbox is at another address at the same location. The building receives mail at “Neue-Welt-Gasse 2” and therefore “Neue-Welt-Gasse 2” is the Ident address. The PAC_ID is the PAC of the address that receives the mail. The Postal Address Code value for the Ident address is 100004254.


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