Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Introduction to Amazon Redshift connectors
  3. Part 2: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift V2 Connector
  4. Part 3: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift Connector

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Rules and guidelines for reading data

Rules and guidelines for reading data

You need to follow some rules and guidelines for the read operation.

Direct read mode

Consider the following rules and guidelines when you read directly from an Amazon Redshift source:
  • The order of data written to the target in the direct read mode is different from the order of data written after Amazon S3 staging.
  • The precision values are rounded-off to the 6
    precision for real data types and to the 14
    precision for double data types.
  • NULL values in char and varchar data types are written to the target without quotes.
  • Trailing spaces in the char data type columns appear with trailing spaces in the target. In comparison, the trailing spaces are truncated when you set the source with staging mode.

Filter using IS NULL or IS NOT NULL operators

When you convert a simple filter condition with the IS NULL or IS NOT NULL operators to an advanced filter, these operators are converted into SQL functions and the resultant query fails. To avoid this issue when you use these operators, you need to use the Amazon Redshift compatible syntax in the advanced filter condition.


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