Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Introduction to Amazon Redshift connectors
  3. Part 2: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift V2 Connector
  4. Part 3: Data Integration with Amazon Redshift Connector

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Amazon Redshift Connectors

Mappings and
tasks with Amazon Redshift

Create a
task to process data based on the data flow logic defined in a mapping or integration template. You can also create a
task to capture changed data from the Oracle CDC source and write the changed data to an Amazon Redshift target table.
You can switch the mapping to advanced mode to include transformations and functions that enable advanced functionality.
The pre-SQL and post-SQL commands configured in the Source, Target, and Lookup transformations are not validated at run time. Ensure that the command syntax is free from potentially unsafe content and the database user you configured in the connection object has appropriate privileges. It is recommended to use TLS- enabled database connections for secure network communications.


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