Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to MDM Hub Security
  3. Resources
  4. Roles
  5. Users and User Groups
  6. Security Providers
  7. Application Level Security
  8. Password Hashing
  9. Glossary

Trusted Applications

Trusted Applications

In the MDM Hub, a trusted application is a user type called an application user that can run requests on behalf of any regular MDM Hub user, including the admin user. Trusted applications belong to the MDM Hub trusted application framework.
Trusted applications are defined in the APPLICATION_IND column in the C_REPOS_USER table under CMX_SYSTEM schema. Each trusted application is registered as an application user in the Hub Console. By default, the MDM Hub considers Informatica applications that are widely used in MDM Hub implementations as trusted applications. For example, Informatica Data Director and ActiveVOS are trusted applications.
By default, each trusted application has a set of public and private keys configured. The MDM Hub authenticates the request from a trusted application through one of the following ways:
  • User credential authentication
  • Certificate-based authentication
To configure another application as a trusted application, see Adding User Accounts.


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